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New Haven Road Runners (NHRR) is a non-profit club committed to promoting running and racing by helping individuals achieve their running potential in a supportive team environment. The racing team is made up of members of the club who are interested in running road races either socially or competitively. Anyone who loves to race, or wants to give it a try, is welcome to join! There are no time requirements for the racing team and all are welcome! NHRR participates in the USATF Connecticut Grand Prix which has races varying in distance from the mile to half-marathon. 

To join the racing team you must first become a NHRR club member. Membership is $20 for club dues per year, but we also provide an option to waive these fees if this is a financial barrier. To join the team please fill out this membership form and indicate that you are interested in racing.


To join the racing team, please register with the team through the USATF website (be sure to enter code 304 in the “USATF-Registered Club” box). Registering as a racing member also comes with a free NHRR racing team uniform!

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