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Zachary Haas


Joined the club in Fall 2020. Passionate about many things - but above all else Mariah Carey and Pop-Tarts®. Turned to running as a respite from the calm and relaxing lifestyle of a classical musician.



Josie Jayworth


Joined the club in January 2020. Outside of running I love backpacking, skiing, and science outreach. Current PhD student at Yale studying chemistry, alumna of Fordham track & field.


Vice President of Apparel

Grace Carroll 

Joined the club in Fall 2021 to make sure I stopped snoozing my alarm. Loves running, hiking (especially in Colorado!), swimming, and reading. Working on loving climbing and cycling. Alumna of Notre Dame and currently works at Yale’s Catholic Center.


Vice President of Communications

Crossan Cooper


Joined the club in Fall 2021 at the end of a 15-year stint as a distance swimmer in the hopes of participating in another sport that takes a long time. Enjoys a good book, a good game of pickup basketball, and just about any good outdoor activity—current Ph.D. student in the Yale Economics department.

Racing Team Captain

Tiger Lu


Joined the club in Fall 2021. Current second year astronomy PhD student at Yale: likes running, planets, kpop, dyeing my hair & board games! Grew up in Shanghai, China, alumni of Caltech XCTF.

Recruitment Chair

Julia Wolfe



Joined the club in Summer 2021 to meet new people and incorporate more running into her varied cross-training regimen. Loves: cider (in every season), dancing (everywhere, embarrassingly), cycling (indoors, on bikes that go nowhere, to a bumpin’ baseline). Slowly acclimating to that New Haven grad student life after 16 years in NYC. 

Finance Co-chair

Chris Mulhall

Joined the club in 2018 to meet more local people to run with. Currently working as a nurse in New Haven. Enjoys biking, running, skiing, hiking, beer, dogs, and coffee (though not necessarily in that order).


Finance Co-chair

Daniel Viray



Joined the club in Fall 2021, initially looking to run socially. But then became enthusiastic about the racing! Grew up in the Philippines, but spent my adult life in the US/UK. Passionate about data analytics, science, and, of course, athletics!


Social Co-chair

Kristin Waters


Joined the club in 2018, lover of running, reading, and ice cream. Originally from Syracuse, NY but will always love Philadelphia (alumna of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy). Current professor in the pharmacy school at UConn and psychiatric pharmacist at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Social Co-chair

Edwin Siu



Can't remember when he officially joined the club. He has been hanging around and running socially with the group since 2014. He enjoys cooking, dislikes hot weather despite growing up in Australia, and has a Pomeranian with an attitude problem named Freddie Mercury.


Social Media Chair

Joon Lee



Jake Jayworth


Screenshot 2022-03-01 220351.png

Joined the club in Fall 2021 after being convinced to get out of the apartment and start running again. Originally from LA, now slowly but surely getting accustomed to the other side of the country as a grad student in Neuroscience. Likes singing, video and board games, food, drinks with friends, hiking, and podcasts.

Joined the club in January 2020. Outside of running enjoys backpacking, cooking, and reading. Current coach of the Fairfield University Men's and Women's cross country teams, masters student at Southern Connecticut State studying exercise science, alum of Fordham track & field. Read more here.

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